Riders and drivers on the Uber platform hereon will be able to share their name, contact details and live location with the police by just swiping a button on the app and get help at short notice. Ride-hailing company Uber has announced a technology integration with Hyderabad police to provide riders and drivers emergency help in a short time.

As the Uber’s platform is updated every four seconds, the police can quickly coordinate with relevant stakeholders such as ambulances and provide help to the riders and drivers in distress.

The integration would help Uber and police to quickly coordinate with stakeholders and offer emergency help to the riders and drivers. “This will lead to saving critical time by providing potentially life-saving assistance by the police,” a senior Uber executive said.

To be introduced in other cities too

Access to this data can help first responders intervene faster where help is needed. Uber plans to expand this integration with other State Police departments and take this tech-enabled safety integration service to other cities in the country. “This new integration provides us with critical details such as real-time location and user details that will help us act swiftly and save lives,” M Mahendar Reddy, Director General of Police (Telangana), said.

“Partnerships with private partners and using new-age technology is a key focus area for us to further enhance our efforts to ensure safety in the city,” he said.

To access the services, riders or drivers need to access the safety toolkit by tapping the blue shield icon. “On reaching the ‘100’ assistance, the user will be prompted with the location and user contact details. They will be notified that these details will be shared automatically when they swipe to call 100,” the Uber executive said.

When they swipe the button, the platform automatically sends the data to the police.

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