Qualitest, a quality engineering company, has acquired ZenQ, a Hyderabad-based software testing company, with about 700 employees. Both the companies have refused to talk about the size of the deal.

“Besides extending Qualitest’s geographical footprint in India, the acquisition will be benefited by ZenQ’s facilities in Hyderabad, and their capabilities in Phygital, Analytics, Blockchain and DevOps,” a statement said.

Joining forces

ZenQ, founded in 2003, provides software testing services for verticals such as healthcare, BFSI, education and retail. Qualitest offers a wide range of AI-powered quality engineering solutions, designed to mitigate the business risk associated with digital adoption. “Becoming a part of Qualitest means becoming a part of something bigger,” Murali Bollu, Chief Executive officer of ZenQ, said.

“By joining forces, we will leverage our varied expertise to assure the quality of our clients’ deployments and their overall operational readiness,” he added.

Qualitest’ Chief Executive Officer, Anbu Muppidathi said that, the acquisition “is yet another milestone in our journey to become the world’s preferred quality engineering firm.” The US-based company has operations in the US, UK, Germany, Romania, Israel, Argentina, Mexico and Portugal. Private equity group Bridgepoint owns a majority stake in Qualitest. It acquired the stake in 2019.

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