WE Hub, an exclusive tech start-up incubator for women, swissnex India have signed an agreement to establish links between institutions and organisations in education, research and innovation in Switzerland and Telangana.

swissnex India was set up by the Switzerland’s Secretariat for Education and Research and Innovation (SERI) and its Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

“This partnership would help start-ups, academic institutions, and innovation ecosystem stakeholders in Telangana to share their best practices, leverage expertise, and connect with their Swiss counterparts.,” Deepthi Ravula, Chief Executive Officer of WE Hub, has said in a statement. “The primary fields of interest would be deep technologies, life sciences, and inclusion of women in the ecosystem,” she said.

“WE Hub will support swissnex India in its mission to promote academic collaborations that include student and faculty mobility, research collaborations and entry support for Swiss start-ups,” Sebastien Hug, CEO, swissnex India and Consul General of Switzerland said.