Xiaomi launches a made-for-India smart water purifier

Mala Bhargava Bengaluru | Updated on September 17, 2019 Published on September 17, 2019

Mi Smart Water Purifier. Photo: Special Arrangement   -  Special Arrangement

The water purifier costs Rs 11,999 and the set of filters costs Rs 3,997

Xiaomi has launched three new products in India. This includes a smart water purifier, expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in the country.

The Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) is a specifically “made-for-India product”. According to the company, it is the only truly smart and DIY water purifier available.

Xiaomi has also launched a new range of TVs, known as the Mi TV 4K, in four different sizes. Additionally, the company refreshed its fitness band. It has upgraded it to the Mi Band 4 and launched a motion activated night light.

In its TV collection Xiaomi has new offerings in 40-, 43-, 50- and 65-inch sets sold at Rs 17,999, Rs 24,999, Rs 29,999 and Rs 54,999 respectively. The TVs to be available from September 29.

Features of the Mi Smart Water Purifier

The Mi Smart Water Purifier has an exceptionally minimalistic design, in the signature smooth matte white Xiaomi uses for most of its products apart from smartphones. Once installed by service engineers, it needs no intervention from service personnel unless a broken part or failure takes place. The set of three filters are user-changeable with just one twist and pull and the tank is easy to clean by just reaching in and wiping and rinsing with a natural solution like lime.

Xiaomi smart water purifier   -  Special arrangement

The Mi Smart Water Purifier uses a penta purification process which is run by three filters - PolyPropylene+Activated Carbon (PPC), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Post Activated Carbon (PAC) along with an in-tank UV light. The PPC filter intercepts large and visible particles while RO filters out heavy metals, scales, and organic matter with a 0.1nm precision. The PAC filter further removes odour and organic substances. The company also says that the in-tank UV light kills bacteria and viruses with up to 99.99 per cent efficiency.

The Mi Home app is used to check if the filter needs to be replaced. The app counts down the days until the filter must be changed and sends out a notification. The user can, then, order the filters and change them without help. The app also shows the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level.

The water purifier costs Rs 11,999 and the set of filters costs Rs 3,997.

Published on September 17, 2019
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