YouTube has fixed issues with the platform after a brief outage, early morning on Wednesday. 

The platform suffered issues late night on Tuesday with users across the globe reporting various issues with the service. The video platform acknowledged the issues at around 2 am IST. Users across the globe reported issues with using certain features including  logging in, switching accounts and using the navigation bar.


“If you’re having trouble using YouTube services (YouTube, YouTube TV,  YouTube Music, and YouTube Studio) across devices right now - we’re aware and working to fix it,” it said in a note.

According to the note, users were facing various issues including being unable to sign-in or switch accounts, cast to their TV or use the app on a gaming console, issues with left-hand navigation menus and Setting menus are not appearing/not loading, being unable to access account drop-down menu (by clicking on your channel icon), facing ‘No internet connection’ error message when watching videos and having difficulty with other YouTube Studio features.

“This is fixed. You should now be able to log in, switch between accounts, and use the account menu & navigation bar across all services (YouTube, YouTubeTV,  YouTube Music, YouTube Studio) and devices,” YouTube said a few hours later.