YouTube Shorts can now feature music or sound for as long as 60 seconds as the company has revised its licensing deals. Earlier, the music and sounds added to videos could be 15 seconds in length, although Shorts themselves can be 60 seconds long.

The feature will roll out to YouTube users on iOS and Android. YouTube Shorts are watched by over 1.5 billion logged-in users every month, TechCrunch reported.

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The company said the creators will notice more options in the coming weeks, when using the audio picker in the YouTube app for iOS and Android. In some cases, the songs will only be 30 seconds in length due to continued licensing restrictions, YouTube notes.

TechCrunch reported that creators could remix or add up to 60 seconds of sounds from other videos, instead of the previous 15-second limit. YouTube creators can access the longer music tracks by tapping the “+” icon to enter the Shorts camera and pick audio from the library. However, creators will have to change their video recording duration in the Shorts camera to use more than 15 seconds of audio.

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