Zee Music Company, a division of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, renewed its licensing agreement with two of the world’s largest digital content-streaming companies, YouTube and Meta

The deal will allow both platforms to continue offering music content from Zee Music Company’s catalogue of 11,000+ songs. 

The agreement will allow YouTube Shorts creators to stay up to Zee’s large library of Bollywood numbers. 

“With its massive user base, YouTube remains one of the largest digital content platforms in the world…Additionally, songs on short format video platforms often receive a new lease of life when picked up by multiple popular creators, leading to renewed interest and wider popularity,” the press release noted. 

‘Invaluable partners’

The statement claims that Zee Music Company’s extensive music collection has already garnered over 290 billion views across its YouTube channels with 130 million plus subscribers.

As part of the deal, users can continue to use Zee Music Company’s entire catalogue to create multiple social experiences across YouTube, and Meta platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram

Anurag Bedi, Chief Business Officer – Zee Music Company said, “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with YouTube and Meta. Both platforms have proven to be invaluable partners for us, helping us reach new audiences and connect with fans in new and innovative ways.

We look forward to working together to continue delivering high-quality music content to our shared users. We aspire to continue pushing the boundaries, leveraging new revenue streams and collaborations in the ever-evolving digital music ecosystem.” 

In the last fiscal year, Zee Music has released over 2500+ new songs.