The NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at IIM Bangalore has incubated, a cloud-based workplace wellness platform that uses gamification to help people form healthy habits.

The habits could be related to health and fitness or even anger management! Habits are set up as challenges and played like games between colleagues and co-workers.

The company has also come up with various solutions like as simple as drink X glasses of water a day, or use stairs instead of elevator for a week. Users earn points for completing the challenges. They can compete with their team mates, earn virtual badges and share it with everyone on their social network.

At a time when stress and high workload at office is driving employees to make poor lifestyle choices and compromise on their wellbeing, the onus has shifted on companies to keep their workforce healthy. The power of gamification lies in its ability to leverage on our intrinsic motivators – play, challenge, win! It is this power that Avinash Saurabh, CEO of decided to leverage in making health and wellness goals fun and fail-safe to achieve for its users.

The usual methods of calling doctors and dieticians, creating awareness campaigns etc, do not work because the problem is no longer about ‘lack of access to resources’ or ‘lack of awareness’.

Being incubated at NSRCEL, it has helped the company improve its visibility and credibility in the ecosystem and stay focused on their core strengths. It has come a long way in the one year of incubation, garnering more than 20,000 users across large companies like Mindtree, Unisys, GE, RangDe and Pantaloons where the platform is being implemented.

Gamification is much more than just badges and points. It is a method that takes learnings from games and applies it to non-game scenarios to drive desired behavior. Gamification has been successfully applied in diverse areas like sales and marketing to electricity and water conservation.

Founded by Avinash, Anand and Moovendan in 2013, was facing tough times typical of young startups when they applied for incubation at NSRCEL and got selected.

Ramkrishna NK, CEO of RangeDe, said that before his company started using’s platform he never thought wellness could be so much fun. “Truly innovative and engaging platform. It has positively impacted the energy level at my organization.”

Sanjay Anandram, member of NSRCEL incubation screening committee, said, “It was the team’s passion that clinched the incubation berth. The team is focused on delivering value to corporate clients and make it work for them.”