The near-term outlook is negative for the stock. We recommend a sell with stiff stop-loss at Rs 233 levels.


Initiate fresh long position only if the stock surges above Rs 1,130 levels with tight stop-loss.


Fresh short position can be initiated only if the stock dives below Rs 2,910 levels with stiff stop-loss.


Make use of rallies to sell the stock while maintaining tight stop-loss at Rs 1,679 levels.


In line with our expectations, the stock moved higher in the last trading session. We restate our buy recommendation in the stock.

Reliance Industries

The near-term view remains bearish for RIL as long as it trades below Rs 985 levels. We reiterate our sell recommendation with stiff stop-loss at Rs 985.


Fresh long position is recommended only if SBI climbs beyond Rs 2,888 levels with tight stop-loss.

Tata Motors

Initiate fresh short position if the counter dives below Rs 1,219 levels with fixed stop-loss.

Tata Steel

We recommend a sell in Tata Steel with tight stop-loss at Rs 620 levels.

Nifty Futures

As long as Nifty Futures trades below 5,836 levels, the near-term stance stays bearish. Initiate fresh short position if Nifty Futures fails to move above 5,836 levels with stiff stop-loss.