The Kerala Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association (KeCBMA) has proposed to increase the prices of corrugated boxes in the wake of the sharp increase in the prices of raw materials used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes such as kraft paper and duplex board.

The association said that the price of kraft paper, the key raw material used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, has increased by more than ₹5 in the last two months. The emerging situation has forced them to increase the prices.

Xavier Jose, President, KeCBMA, said that the uncontrolled price rise was due to the shortage of waste paper following the lockdown imposed after Covid-19 outbreak and restrictions imposed in import. Earlier, old corrugated cartons (OCC) were imported from the European countries, said the manufacturers.

Costly imports

However, due to the scarcity in Europe, OCC is now being imported from the US. And, it is costly and scarce. Due to this, most of the mills function only 10-15 days a month. Moreover, Jose stated that due to lacklustre sales in the local market, the availability of local waste has also come down.

Moreover, the price of pin, used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, has also gone up. The manufacturers are forced to increase the price by 15 per cent.

The government had announced moratorium on GST, bank interest and electricity during the time of lockdown. But it has been lifted and the manufacturers are forced to pay that too. KeCBMA State Coordinator G Rajeev said that it is impossible for them to pay the same as manufacturing has been affected due to the exorbitant rise in price.