Global black tea output is down 5.14 per cent until May this calendar year compared with the same period a year ago. Global black tea production dropped to 468.31 million kg (mkg) from 493.68 mkg.

Sri Lanka’s crop has witnessed the highest drop of 11.46 mkg. The Indian crop is down by 10.03 mkg. Tanzania (4.97 mkg) and Kenya (3.44 mkg) are other prominent sources where production is lower. Malawi crop is higher by 4.81 mkg. “May was bad for Malawi as well and it reported a decline of 0.10 mkg to total 4.60 mkg. However, because of better production in earlier months, the country posted an overall output of 32.72 mkg till May against 27.93 mkg last year”, said Rajesh Gupta of Global Tea Digest, who regularly monitors variances in global black tea production.

Bangladesh’s crop is marginally down by 0.53 mkg.

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