Improved buying, weak availability of the best quality crop and rise in the prices of imported crop on Mumbai port, lifted urad prices in Indore mandis to ₹6,000-₹6,400 a quintal.

Urad dal, however, ruled stable on subdued demand with urad dal (medium) today being quoted at ₹7,800-₹8,000; urad dal (bold) at ₹8,100-₹8,200; urad mongar ruled at ₹8,700-₹8,800 a quintal .

Moong, on the other hand, traded low with availability outstripping demand. Besides, expected arrival of new crop in Madhya Pradesh mandis by next week has also impacted trading sentiment in moong, leading to decline in its prices.

On Friday, moong (bold) in Indore mandis was quoted at ₹6,400-₹6,600 a quintal, while moong (average) ruled at ₹5,000-₹5,700 a quintal. Moong dal ruled stable with moong dal (average) being quoted at ₹7,900-₹8,000; moong dal (bold) at ₹8,700-₹9,100; while moong dal monger ruled at ₹95,000-₹10,000 a quintal. Masoor ruled firm at ₹5,400-₹5,450 a quintal on weak availability. Masoor dal (average) was at ₹6,300-₹6,400, while masur dal (bold) ruled at ₹6,800-₹7,100 a quintal.