As many as 182 grades fetched ₹125 or more per kg in the buoyant CTC market and as many as eight grades of CTC tea entered the high price bracket of ₹200/kg in Sale No: 4 of Coonoor Tea Trade Association auction. Pekoe Dust of Homedale Estate, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, topped Dust auctions and the entire CTC market when Oswal Tea Traders bought it for ₹222. Homedale Estate’s Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, topped the Leaf auctions at ₹219. In the orthodox tea market, Kodanad topped at ₹251. Quotations held by brokers indicated bids ranging ₹70-80 per kg for plain leaf grades and ₹110-170 for brighter liquoring sorts. They ranged ₹86-93 for plain dusts and ₹120-190 for brighter liquoring dusts.

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