There will be no auction of Coonoor Tea Trade Association on Friday as the market will remain closed. So, Sale No: 2 for both the leaf and dust auction will be held on Thursday for which a total of 10.40 lakh kg has been catalogued.

This is as much as 3.22 lakh kg less than the offer for Sale No: 1 due to winter conditions reducing the crop. Of this, 6.93 lakh kg belongs to leaf grades and 3.47 lakh kg, dust grade. As much as 9.34 lakh kg belongs to CTC variety and only 1.06 lakh kg, orthodox variety. In the leaf counter, only 53,000 kg belongs to orthodox while 6.40 lakh kg, CTC.

Among the dusts, only 53,000 kg belongs to orthodox while 2.94 lakh kg, CTC. Broken Orange Pekoe Small grade of Darmona Estate topped Leaf auction and the entire CTC market last week fetching ₹271/kg. Darmona Estate’s Super Red Dust, auctioned by Paramount Tea Marketing, topped Dust auction when Narendra tea Co bought it for ₹226.