Leading stock exchanges BSE and NSE will shift several scrips to the restricted trading segment from Thursday to ensure safety of investors in the capital markets.

BSE will shift as many as 30 stocks, including McDowell Holdings, Emami Realty, United Van Der Horst, Hindustan Everest Tools, Technofab Engineering and Lactose India, to the trade-for-trade segment represented by T or XT groups.

At the same time, NSE would transfer 13 scrips to the trade-for-trade segment segment on its platform. In this segment, no speculative trading is allowed and delivery of shares and payment of consideration amount are mandatory.

With a view to take preventive surveillance measure to ensure market safety and safeguard the interest of the investors, BSE and NSE have decided to move shares of these companies to T or XT Group with effect from January 30.

In separate notices, the exchanges have asked their members “to take adequate precaution” while trading in these stocks “as the settlement will be done on trade-to-trade basis and no netting off of positions will be allowed”. Further, value at risk margin of 100 per cent will also be levied on these scrips.

The decision with respect to these securities is part of a surveillance review, the exchanges said.

They said the transfer of security for trading and settlement on a trade-to-trade basis “is purely on account of market surveillance and it should not be construed as an adverse action against the concerned company”.

These stocks would attract a circuit filter of up to 5 per cent which would be the maximum permissible limit within which the share price can move.