The combined market valuation of top six Sensex companies plunged by Rs 52,781 crore last week, with ICICI Bank and TCS taking the biggest hit.

Except, ONGC, Infosys, HDFC Bank and HUL, other six companies amongst the top 10 list including ITC, RIL and CIL suffered losses in market capitalisation (m-cap).

The m-cap of ICICI Bank fell by Rs 11,810.33 crore to Rs 1,98,130.31 crore, witnessing the biggest fall among the top 10 most valued Indian companies.

TCS saw its m-cap dropping by Rs 11,487.94 crore to Rs 4,92,071.64 crore, followed by SBI Rs 9,182.85 crore to Rs 2,26,435.62 crore and ITC Rs 9,154.77 crore to Rs 2,85,197.19 crore.

Similarly, the market cap of RIL declined by Rs 7,828.86 crore to Rs 2,78,361.50 crore and that of CIL fell by Rs 3,316.09 crore to Rs 2,37,337.39 crore.

In contrast, HUL added Rs 23,212.03 crore to Rs 1,86,795.03 crore in m—cap, Infosys (Rs 6,908.06 crore to Rs 2,38,147.22 crore), ONGC (Rs 1,539.99 crore to Rs 3,00,340.48 crore) and HDFC Bank (Rs 1,377.92 crore to Rs 2,35,624.72 crore).

TCS topped the top-10 list followed by ONGC, ITC, RIL, Infosys, CIL, HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank and HUL.

Over the past week the benchmark BSE Sensex fell by 430 points to close at 27,458.38.

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