Venus Remedies Ltd. was recognised with FICCI Healthcare Award 2023 in the Excellence in Patient Safety and Care” category. The award acknowledges Venus’s ‘Organ-on-a-Chip’ research model, a development at the Venus Medicine Research Centre (VMRC). The company underwent an evaluation process, maintained by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in identifying contributions in patient care and safety.

According to the company, the ‘Organ-on-a-Chip’ model at VMRC is for medical research and pharmaceutical development, particularly in personalised medicine. By replicating human organ functionality, it grants researchers precision, improves drug efficacy tests and provides a reflection of a medication’s interaction with human tissue. This is to streamline drug development processes, reduce reliance on animal testing.

Saransh Chaudhary, CEO of Venus Medicine Research Centre, said “The FICCI Healthcare Award 2023 for ‘Patient Safety and Care’ underscores our unwavering commitment to healthcare and pharmaceutical research excellence in India. Our ‘Organ-on-a-Chip’ technology is a testament to our dedication to patient safety and healthcare standards.”

However, the shares were down by 2.03 per cent to ₹266 at 12.03 pm on the BSE.