Bank unions have decided to go ahead with the proposed all-India strike on November 19 with the discussions between the employee associations and the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) not yielding any positive or satisfactory outcomes on Wednesday.

“After the discussions with the IBA and bank management, no amicable solution could be reached. We told them we will proceed with the strike as planned on November 19. We have informed the Chief Labour Commissioner,” AIBEA General Secretary Venkatachalam told businessline.

“Despite our suggestion that any change or addition to the provisions of Bipartite Settlement (BPS) can be mutually worked out, they could not give any categorical assurance that they will retrace their decisions on outsourcing, rotational transfer of employees, adherence of Disciplinary Action procedure, trade union representation, job security, etc. and abide by the provisions of Bipartite settlements”.

It maybe recalled that All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) had called for an all-India bank strike on November 19 in protest against a range of issues, including denial of 11th bipartite wage revision to employees of Catholic Syrian Bank and DBS Bank; outsourcing of permanent jobs (cash movement jobs and housekeeping jobs) and threat to job security in certain banks.

Govt’s intervention

The Centre had directed the IBA and the bank unions to initiate discussions on November 16 and sort out issues to avoid the strike. This direction came at the conciliatory meeting chaired by the CLC Ramis Thiru in the capital last Thursday.