The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) conducted searches across Delhi, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Thane, Gaya, Gurgaon and Chandigarh in connection with bank losses totalling over ₹1,134.58 crore.

Raids were also conducted in Bhopal, Surat, Valsad, Pune, Palani and Kolar among others, a CBI official said. The initial estimate of the amount involved was pegged at ₹640 crore. This was revised upwards towards the end of the day as the raids continued.

The CBI said that this was a special countrywide drive relating to bank fraud/scams. The agency has begun searches at more than 50 places in 18 different cities in around 12 States/Union Territories.

There have been 14 cases registered against the accused including various companies/ firms, their promoters/directors and bank officials. A CBI official said that all these cases are fresh ones.

Exim Bank complaint

Listing the cases, the CBI said that it acted upon a complaint by the Export Import Bank of India alleging bank fraud by Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery Ltd, leading to a loss of ₹202 crore. Taking this into account, the CBI now has 16 cases registered against Winsome and its promoters.

In the case registered on Tuesday, Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery has been named as an accused. Jatin Mehta, the promoter and director, Ramesh Parikh, Hariesh Mehta, Jai Kumar Kapoor, Hari Mohan Namdev, all directors of the company, have been named in this case. Haytham Salman Ali Abu Obediah and unknown public servants have also been named.

A case against Eskay K’N’It (India) Ltd has also been filed after a complaint was lodged by Bank of India, alleging wrongful loss of ₹91.36 crore. The company is popularly known by the name Tayal group. In addition to the company, Navin Kumar Tayal, the Chairman; Anand Zawar, the Managing Director; and Naresh Chandra Sharma, Trivendra Shambhu Singh, and Manmohan Balbir Ahluwalia, all directors of the company, have been named in the case. Pravin Kumar Tayal and Ram Pratap Tayal, guarantors of the company, and unknown public servants have also been named in this case.

A case against Ludhiana-based Supreme Texmart has been lodged by the CBI on a complaint filed by State Bank of India. The amount of ‘wrongful loss’ caused is pegged at ₹143.25 crore. Ajay Gupta, Managing Director and guarantor; Gautam Gupta, a guarantor; and Sanjay Gupta, a shareholder and guarantor, have been named in the case.

Gold Leaf International Private Ltd, a related party and guarantor, and unknown public servants have also been named in this case.

Cases against promoters and representatives of Aegan Batteries (₹98.75 crore), Ramnandi Hotel and Resorts Ltd (₹131.79 crore), Nefto Gas India Private Ltd (₹93 crore), SL Consumer Products Ltd (₹55 crore), Samprash Foods Private Ltd (₹60 crore), International Megha Food Park Ltd (₹40.17 crore), Ranjeet Automobiles (₹ 34 crore), Jalpa Textiles Private Ltd (₹28 crore), Supamed Trading Private Ltd (₹57 crore), Asuti Trading Private Ltd (₹50 crore) and others have also been filed.