Giottus CEO, Vikram Subburaj, said Kerala holds great potential in the crypto space with its cerebral capabilities. With a huge pool of educated youth, the State has achieved a great deal in terms of employability and capacity building in the new and emerging financial sectors Subburaj said.

Giottus is an India-based cryptocurrency exchange and is among the top four in the country with a customer base of one million.

Speaking at an awareness programme here, Subburaj said ,”Over the past two decades, there has been several ground-breaking technological advancements and innovations. If the personal computer revolutionised information technology (IT) by allowing us to work with our data and documents, the internet took it a step further by allowing us to move our information around the world easily. We are in an era of convenient exchange and decentralised monetary transactions and cryptocurrency plays an important role here. With blockchain technology, we are moving towards a phase called web 3.0 which is sure to alter the financial ecosystem”, he said.

Aiming for a mass base

Founded in November 2017, Giottus started its operations in April 2018. The company is aiming for a mass base cryptocurrency and to enable customer wealth creation by adhering to the highest security and compliance standards. The company offers Baskets, FD, and SIPs to discerning customers.