MobiKwik’s recently launched Twitter banter with the hashtag #KwikConnection is getting more engaging, with leading brands responding with hilarious conversations.

The Twitter banter began with MobiKwik’s tweet inviting other brands to join in the conversation. From there, it was a flurry of tweets from a range of brands including McDonald’s India, Domino’s, Zoomcar India, Zoomin, Milkbasket and Fever FM, each sharing their #KwikConnection with the digitial banking platform.

Replying to a tweet in the exchange, McDonald’s India said their #KwikConnection was like, “Bun and Patty, we’re lovin’ it!” followed by “Like lettuce pe Piri Piri McSpicy ka crunch, Oh so divine!”

Domino’s Pizza talked about how their #KwikConnection was like “taste buds and oregano ka relation,” while Zoomcar India shared how their #KwikConnection was all about “making vacays self-driven!”

Zoomin added that their #KwikConnection was like “customised gifts ka special hai fun!” and Milkbasket said their #KwikConnection was “kaafi fresh hai ye, Jaise daily needs as early as 7 am!”

And, of course, MobiKwik had the last word and said the #KwikConnection was all about “supercharged returns and celebrations” with products like ZIP, a digital credit service that offers credit up to ₹60,000 in a few clicks with minimal documentation.

Change of pace

The Twitter banter was a refreshing change of pace from the usual one-way communication between brands and their customers. The exchange also showcased how social media can be a great platform for brands to connect with each other and their customers and showcase their unique personalities.

MobiKwik plans to continue this banter with other leading brands in the country and keep its followers entertained with more #KwikConnection conversations.