In this episode of the Current Account podcast, Hamsini Karthik talks to Rajashree Nambiar, co-founder, MD & CEO, Ecofy, an NBFC in the green lending space.

Ecofy’s core mission revolves around providing financing for environmentally friendly assets, including 2 and 3-wheelers, solar rooftops, and energy-saving equipment.

Nambiar shares that the green lending segment presents numerous opportunities, driven by the market’s substantial size and increasing demand.

She also highlights Ecofy’s commitment to ensuring asset security by embedding IoT devices in the financed assets, allowing real-time monitoring and enhanced portfolio control. The podcast looks at what sets Ecofy apart from traditional lenders.

Hamsini Karthik and Rajashree Nambiar also discuss Ecofy’s risk management and asset quality. Despite being in business for only a short period, Ecofy has seen promising results in terms of loan quality, thanks to their digital, data-driven underwriting process and IoT-enabled assets that provide real-time information for better monitoring.

The episode also touches on Ecofy’s capital structure and its alignment with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) funding philosophies, which provide them with a potential cost of fund advantage.

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