In this podcast, businessline’s Haripriya Sureban, talks to Jaya Jagadish, Country Head, AMD India, and a member of the Semicon Talent Building Committee, about India’s ambitions in the semiconductor industry and the importance of developing the talent landscape.

India is making significant efforts to become a semiconductor hub, attracting global companies with incentives and investment opportunities. Jagadish emphasises the importance of talent in this industry, highlighting India’s unique advantage of producing over half a million engineering graduates annually. She adds that the government is also supportive, offering incentives to startups and industries, making India a hub for semiconductor companies.

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The conversation touches on the efforts to develop talent in the semiconductor industry, particularly addressing the skill gap. While India produces many graduates, not all are job-ready. Initiatives are in place to bridge this gap, such as curriculum changes and reskilling programs.

Jagadish points out that India has seen remarkable growth in the design sector, with major semiconductor players establishing design centres in the country. However, manufacturing is still in its early stages, requiring capital and specialised training for technicians and operators.

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The discussion also touches on the demand for talent in the semiconductor industry, with projections indicating a need for around 12 million engineers and various professionals over the coming years. The industry is working on attracting more students to consider the semiconductor industry as their career choice.

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The conversation concludes with an emphasis on the need for industry collaboration, especially with startups, and expanding efforts to reach smaller colleges and institutions to scale up the talent pool in the semiconductor industry at a grassroots level.