Did you receive a fake call/message from international numbers on WhatsApp? Well, you are not alone. There has been a jump in the number of fake calls using social media. WhatsApp, for its part, has reassured users that it is taking action.

If you look at the larger picture, cyber crime is on the rise in India. NCRB data shows that there are more than 52,000 cyber crimes in 2021.

So, why has there been a rise in spam calls on social media platforms? What should be the role of the government and social media platforms to reduce cyber crime?

In this podcast, Nabodita Ganguly, speaks to Devroop Dhar, Co-Founder, Primus Partners about cyber security in India and how to be digitally safe.

Dhar explains that cyber criminals are constantly coming up with new methods to scam individuals, such as using purchased WhatsApp VoIP numbers to make calls that appear to be from international numbers. He advises people not to answer such calls and to be cautious of any requests made during the call, such as downloading software or clicking on suspicious links.

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Moreover, Dhar emphasizes the importance of content moderation by social media companies to flag and block scam-related messages. He also mentions the significance of education programs, tailored to different languages and age groups, to raise awareness about cyber crime and how to stay safe online. Additionally, social media companies should collaborate with law enforcement agencies to report and investigate cyber crime.

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When discussing the role of the government, Dhar acknowledges the delicate balance between controlling cyber crime and preserving internet freedom. He talks about the need for an integrated approach, involving all states and law enforcement agencies, to tackle cyber crime effectively. Stringent laws and regulations, along with increased convictions, can serve as deterrents for cyber criminals. Collaboration between the government and social media giants is essential, as is the government’s role in educating the public about cyber crime prevention and safety measures.

In conclusion, the conversation revolves around the importance of individual awareness, improved platform security by social media companies, and government involvement through laws, collaboration, and education programs to combat the rise in cyber crimes like spam calls and texts.