In this businessline podcast, V Nivedita talks to Anilkumar SG, founder and CEO, Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services Private Limited, about the impact of climate change on farmers in India and the efforts made by companies to mitigate these challenges.

The podcast begins by addressing the effects of climate change on Indian farmers. Anilkumar talks about how climate change is not a distant future threat; it is happening now. Farmers are already experiencing untimely floods, erratic monsoons, and the emergence of new pests and diseases. He also highlights the specific impacts on sewing patterns, citing examples like unpredictable monsoons and temperature fluctuations affecting crops like mustard.The conversation goes into detail about the awareness of Indian farmers and how the government is trying to tackle these challenges head on. The importance of providing a safety net for farmers transitioning to climate-smart agriculture, ensuring financial protection against potential losses during the adaptation phase is also discussed. In the latter part of the podcast, Anilkumar addresses the broader impact of climate change on related ecosystems, focusing on carbon levels in the soil and air. He emphasizes the need to find a balance that addresses both carbon emissions and soil health. The episode concludes by providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges posed by climate change to Indian farmers and explores potential solutions at both individual and policy levels.