Many marquee companies have announced a series of layoffs. Even as the labour market uncertainty sets up an atmosphere of gloom, now maybe a good time to destigmatise layoffs. Companies typically lay off people due to business restructuring reasons more than on the grounds of performance. Still, employees experience a certain degree of shame while being let go. Setting the right tone for layoffs can help people adopt a more optimistic attitude while looking for the next job without losing face.

In this episode, Kamal Karanth, host of the people@work series, discusses the cyclicity of hiring boom and retrenchment drives with Narayan Thammaiah, Chief People Officer at Accel Partners, and a certified business coach.

People@work is a special series from businessline. Each week, Kamal, a veteran talent specialist and co-founder of a staffing solutions firm Xpheno, talks to business leaders and experts on the most trending human resource topics.

(Produced by Akshaya Chandrasekaran)