The recently concluded G-20 summit had a lot of important takeaways. Held amid rising geo-political tension due to the Russia-Ukraine war, rising fuel prices, the summit saw the leaders agreeing to the fact that, “G-20 is not the forum to resolve security issues...”

The summit also saw several bilateral meetings such as the one between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jingping. The two leaders touched upon several issues such as the military tension in Taiwan, the Ukraine conflict and the North Korean missile tests.

The G-20 summit had added significance as Indonesia handed over its presidency to India for the coming year. India will assume the G-20 presidency from December 1. India will be one of the few developing nations that will be assuming the G-20 leadership.

Created in 1999 during the Asian financial crisis, G-20 assumes more significance at a time when the world is battling several challenges such as increased poverty due to the pandemic, geo-political tensions, and slow global recovery. In this podcast, we discuss the key takeaways from the G-20 summit, the importance of the G-20 summit for India. While decoding several aspects of the G-20 summit, we also see if the opportunity to chair G-20 will give India a scope to assume leadership of the Global South. Read the full story here.

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