Welcome to the latest episode of Businessline, State of the Economy podcast, where we delve into the evolving world of India’s web3 startup ecosystem. In this insightful discussion, Haripriya Sureban, host and reporter, explores the landscape with Rohit Jain, MD, CoinDCX Ventures and Parth Chaturvedi, Investments Lead, CoinSwitch Ventures.

As the discussion unfolds, the guests share their perspectives on the funding momentum in the Web3 space. While macroeconomic factors impact risk capital, the speakers highlight the resilience of serious builders who continue to innovate. They discuss the challenges of onboarding users and the importance of tokenizing real-world assets.

The guests elaborate on emerging trends, including data management challenges at scale and the continued evolution of Defi protocols.

The discussion shifts towards India’s global competitiveness in the Web3 space. The guests express optimism about the growing Indian developer community, foreseeing more unicorns emerging from India than ever before. Examples of innovative startups and their global impact are highlighted, showcasing India’s potential in the Web3 arena.

Addressing regulatory uncertainties, the speakers acknowledge the challenges but highlight the positive direction of both Indian and global regulations. The guests commend the proactive efforts of Indian states in encouraging Web3 startups and emphasize the importance of regulatory clarity.

The industry collaborations, association initiatives, and the overall positive momentum driving India’s Web3 ecosystem forward. This episode provides a comprehensive exploration of India’s journey in the Web3 landscape, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

(Host: Haripriya Sureban, Producer: Darshan Sanghvi)