Podcast | What is the Pandora Papers controversy is all about?

Gitanjali Diwakar K. R. Srivats | Updated on October 05, 2021

A new global investigation revealed that world leaders, billionaires and influential people used shell companies and offshore accounts to keep trillions of dollars out of government treasuries for a quarter of a century. This has limited the resources governments all over the world have to fight poverty, combat climate change or improve access to education and health. This investigation has once again brought the issue of tax evasion to the forefront and many experts have urged governments to end financial secrecy and probe the role of tax havens. 

Gitanjali speaks to Senior Deputy Editor KR Srivats explains what these revelations mean for India. He also analyses the steps taken by the government to stop tax evasion by the rich and powerful. Listen to the podcast

Published on October 05, 2021

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