Podcast | Why are cotton prices falling, and how does the market look till year-end?

Subramani Ra Mancombu |Siddharth Mathew Cherian | Updated on: Jun 30, 2022

Subramani Ra Mancombu explains the recent fall in cotton prices at the New York Intercontinental exchange and what it means for domestic and international commodities markets ahead.

Cotton prices have been falling, but this is almost the same with all commodities. Cotton prices have dropped by over 10 per cent across the country and over 20 per cent globally to a six-month low.

What is the cause behind the fall in cotton prices and how does the year look ahead for Cotton prices and production both domestically and internationally.

MR Subramani, head, Commodities and Agri-Business, The Hindu BusinessLine, explains. Listen in!

Published on Jun 30, 2022


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