In this episode of businessline podcast, Piyush Jha, MD & Head – India & APAC, and Milind Patwardhan, Group Vice President and Global Head of Private Equity, from GlobalLogic, traces the evolution of Global Capability Centres (GCCs) in India and their transformation from mere back-office operations to drivers of innovation and profitability.

The two industry veterans also delve into the challenges that GCCs face including talent acquisition and upskilling, and talk about initiatives such as industry-academy collaborations and continuous learning that address some of these pain points.

Talking about the future of work within the context of GCCs, they highlight the emergence of the hybrid workplace model and how companies could build on the hub-and-spoke model and convert the constraints imposed by Covid into a competitive advantage.

Listen in for an insight into all these and many more factors that are driving and shaping the GCC landscape.