Many stocks in the mid- and small-cap space have surged sharply over large-caps in the last year. 

In this episode of the “State of the Economy “ podcast, businessline’s Parvatha Vardhini C talks to Vinit Sambre, Head Equities at DSP Mutual Fund, who knows this space well, about the outlook for mid-and small-cap stocks.

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In the podcast, Sambre attributed the rally in these stocks to a surge in liquidity and more high-net-worth individuals entering the space and said that ultimately, if earnings growth doesn’t match up to the expectation, there could then be a reality check for these stocks. He advised investors in this segment to have a long-term investment perspective. He also cautioned them about investing in microcap companies, which are known for their higher volatility. 

Though many passive fund launches have happened in the small-cap segment, Sambre advocated for actively managed in this space, asserting that select companies have the potential to outperform indices in the long run. 

Listen to this podcast to get a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and opportunities in the mid- and small-cap space.

(Host: Parvatha Vardhini C; Producers V Nivedita)


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