In this video, Associate Editor M Ramesh delves into the rapidly evolving world of biomass energy in India. He highlights Reliance Industries’ announcement to establish 100 compressed biogas (CBG) plants and explores the reasons behind this newfound interest in biomass energy.

The video highlights three key factors driving the biomass industry’s resurgence:

1. Transition to Biofuels: The shift from biomass-based electricity to biofuels has made the industry more economically viable and versatile.

2. Global Energy Transition: Worldwide, there’s a strong focus on energy transition, and investors are eager to support initiatives that move away from coal to cleaner alternatives like biomass.

3. Government Support: The Indian government’s commitment to reducing emissions has led to substantial support and subsidies for biofuel production from biomass.

In the video, he also touches on the various products derived from biomass, including CBG, steam, ethanol, and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), with India poised to become a significant player in the SAF sector. Don’t miss this insightful exploration of the booming biomass energy industry in India, with Reliance Industries leading the way into this exciting new frontier.


Reporter: M Ramesh

Producer: V Nivedita, Siddharth MC