Second-hand cars: Facts to remember (Part 1)

BL Internet Desk | Updated on February 18, 2021

Life seems to have returned to relatively normal state after many months of lockdowns and numerous restrictions. 

Yet, many are still hesitant to use public transport systems. 

Does owning your own vehicle resolve these issues? YES – to a large extent. 

Now, amid pay cuts, job losses and a rather unfavourable financial scenario – brand new cars might be a bit heavy on the pocket. So, perhaps second-hand vehicle would be wise choice! 

Here is a question: Aren’t second hand vehicles the scrap that people discard? Not exactly.  

The value of most vehicles depreciates the moment they leave the showroom. For the sentimental, the vehicles continue to be in their possession (till it is ruined in its truest sense). For the practical, the vehicle is eventually sold off as it begins to become a burden to maintain or service as time goes by.  

Interestingly, many even sell off their vehicles for reasons like upgrading to car with a better stereo system or even a sunroof! 

But, like any major purchase, you must do your research and be smart. 

Here are a few aspects that could you make the right choice.

Watch the video.

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Published on February 17, 2021