In one of our recent episodes, we looked at the fodder crisis in India, a country with 540 million cattle, the largest in the world. Dairy farming is the lifeline of millions of small farmers in the country. Even when crops fail, dairy farming provides them with at least bare minimum income and nutritional security. Given the importance of dairy farming in India, have you ever wondered how the farmers trade in this precious commodity called cattle? There are of course local networks and cattle fairs like the famous one in Pushkar, but is that enough?

Two young women entrepreneurs from IIT-Delhi are attempting to solve for the problem with an agritech startup called Animall. Animall is often described as an Instagram-cum-aAmazon for cows and buffalos. Animall was co-founded by Neetu Yadav, the now CEO, and Kirti Jangra, the COO. Founded in 2019, the startup has made rapid progress attracting more than $25 million in venture capital. The app has been downloaded by more than 10 million farmers. TR Vivek speaks to Kirti Jangra about the company’s cool idea born in a hackathon and the challenges of being rare women entrepreneurs in the area of agriculture.