In the previous video, Associate Editor M Ramesh discussed the remarkable resurgence of the biomass industry. Today, we turn our focus to another exciting segment – rooftop solar.

For years, rooftop solar in India struggled to gain traction, but now it’s on the fast track to success. Join us in exploring the incredible transformation in this booming industry.

Around 2015, India set an ambitious target of achieving 40 GW of rooftop solar by 2022. By 2019, only 1.9 GW had been achieved, and then the pandemic hit, halting progress.

But since then, rooftop solar has experienced a remarkable turnaround. From March 2021 to March 2023, India added 4.4 GW, surpassing the previous four years’ performance. In 2023-24 alone, India is set to add another 4 GW, signaling a bright future for rooftop solar.

So, what’s behind this resurgence? Multiple factors are converging, including the saturation of credit-worthy commercial and industrial customers, increased confidence from financiers, and a growing interest from the MSME sector. States are also shifting from “net metering” to “net billing,” making it more attractive for individuals and businesses to adopt rooftop solar.

The OPEX model, where solar companies set up rooftop plants and sell power directly, is making solar energy more accessible, with prices ranging from Rs 4 to Rs 5 per unit.

While challenges like the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers and unfriendly state policies exists, rooftop solar in India is on an upward trajectory.