Two Indian radio jockeys (RJs) here have set a new Guinness World Record for hosting the longest radio music show, which became one of the most popular live events in the city.

Sindhu Biju and Mithun Ramesh of Malayalam radio channel Hit 96.7 FM on Sunday night broke the existing record set by a DJ duo of Hot FM 91.3 of Singapore.

They hosted a 'talkathon' for 84 hours and 15 minutes till 5 am on Monday, breaking the 77 hours and 11 minutes record of Hot FM.

The duo began the marathon RJing on their 5pm show on Thursday. Their total recess period lasted for only 2 hours and 35 minutes of which they took just two power naps totalling 49 minutes.

At 10.12 pm on Sunday, Guinness World Records Limited’s Mena project manager Samer Khallouf announced that Sindhu and Mithun are 'Officially Amazing', the tag line of Guinness World Records and have broken the record set in Singapore earlier this year.

The names of the two RJs will appear as the new record holders of 'Longest marathon for a radio music show DJ-team' in the Guinness World Records.

The RJs dedicated their achievement to Dubai for winning the Expo 2020 host city’s title, the entire Malayalee community and their listeners.

The duo was back in their office studio to host the regular show by 5pm on Monday.