With the 16th Lok Sabha adjourned sine die on Wednesday, over three dozen Bills, including those related to amending the Motor Vehicle Act, Chit Fund Act, Consumer Protection Bill and Land Reforms, are set to lapse. Some politically sensitive Bills — like banning instant Triple Talaq and amending the Citizenship Act — also failed to get ayes from both the Houses.

The 16th Lok Sabha had a total of 17 sessions and 331 sittings in which a total of 219 Bills were introduced, out of which 205 were passed. Overall productivity was 85 per cent. The performance got a mention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who complimented the Lok Sabha for a productive term.

Modi’s final speech in the Lok Sabha was laced with sarcasm and humour. While acknowledging the collective decision making powers of the House, the Prime Minister made a strong pitch for electing a majority government in national interest.

Modi said “eight of the 17 sessions of this Lok Sabha had over 100 per cent productivity. Rajya Sabha had 329 sittings which saw passage of 154 Bills, while overall productivity was 68 per cent.”

First and last Bill

The first Bill, passed by the Lok Sabha was the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill, 2014, while the last onewas to amend the Jallainwala Bagh National Memorial Act, 1951. The other Bill passed on the last day of the Lok Sabha was the Bill to ban the illegal deposit-taking scheme. However, passage of these two Bills are going to be more of political than the real benefit as they have not been passed by the Rajya Sabha and will hence lapse.