Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited  plans to implement EdgeGrid’s smart renewable microgrids as part of a collaboration with the latter. 

 “EdgeGrid’s platform enables customers within a feeder and locality to consume energy efficiently and generate energy locally. Further, it works closely with energy distribution companies and distributed energy generators to reduce their costs and expand renewable energy penetration for the entire ecosystem,’‘ Sunil Talla, Founder & CEO, EdgeGrid said in a release. 

Janardhan Reddy, CMD of Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Ltd, said: “The Discoms are taking a step further in making the power sector more technology driven and consumer friendly. The aim is to build a power sector that is both climate-friendly and consumer-friendly while ensuring quality supply of green power to consumers.” 

This will also help the transmission and distribution companies in reducing power purchase costs, the release added.

EdgeGrid, a Hyderabad-based start-up, is a climate-tech platform helping small scale industries, commercial buildings and residential communities, electric vehicles and charging networks to move to climate-friendly power and help consumers to save costs and earn incentives from these initiatives. 

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