Increasingly,, understanding engineering disciplines, especially computer science in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AL)/Machine Learning (ML), is now becoming important from a management perspective. Perhaps, that’s a reason why engineers do make successful management professionals, remarked V Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras. 

A case in point

Addressing the MMA All India Management Students Convention 2022 on the Theme:“AI Shaping Today and The Future, he said “There are many disciplines which we thought we will handle with the basic understanding of the processes. For example, in chess which is a highly rule-based game,. a computer could plan 6-7 moves ahead choose the best option to win. Just by using raw computing power, the game evolved. Intelligence was built into games like chess, and it was highly process-oriented, he said.

In rapid chess, from a rule-based system it became a pattern-based where machine intelligence started building up. Today, we have programmes that can learn from itself based on previous patterns. The evolution of chess is is helpful in understanding the AI-perspective. AI is going to become extremely important for sectors like finance, he said.

Vijay Sankar, Deputy Chairman, The Sanmar Group, quoting a report by a leading consultancy firm said that the manufacturing industry is ahead of other sectors in data generation. Since AI possesses unmatched ability to process large amounts of data, and there is an opportunity for the sector being an early adopter of this technology.

Sanmar group uses ML in energy efficiency and process optimisation; and AI in safety compliance and in forecasting and inventory management. The ML algorithms come handy to predict the demands of finished products and help save inventory costs. It is also using AI in predictive maintenance, he said.

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