Edtech major Byju's on Sunday said an incorrect map of India that is circulating on the internet has been wrongly attributed to the company and it will approach the authorities for further investigation and action.

The map, which has been attributed to Byju's, shows a few parts of Kashmir as "Azad Kashmir" and "Aksai Chin", sparking outrage on social media against the edtech firm.

‘Fake image’

A Byju's spokesperson said the image in circulation is fake and not from its material. "All our content is watermarked and additionally our logo usage is incorrect, we never use an underline below the logo. We strongly condemn the incorrect map of India that is being distributed maliciously with our incorrect logo placed on it," the spokesperson said.

The image has been attributed to student notes and also to an exam paper of Byju's, which has been denied by the company.

"This is not part of any material that we have distributed. Our curriculum and all material created are strictly aligned to multiple accreditation boards at the national level, and are created keeping in mind the highest standards. We will be reporting this to the concerned authorities for further investigation and action," the spokesperson added.