The Godrej group has launched a leadership programme for students of humanities to prepare them for recruitment in the cultural sector. Godrej Culture Lab, the group's initiative for cross-pollination of ideas, will also offer employment opportunities to deserving students at the end of the one-month paid internship programme – currently the only one of its kind being offered in India.

“A unique curriculum has been developed for the students. They will hear from industry experts, they will visit cultural spaces for behind-the-scenes knowledge and through the month, they will also learn how to curate, promote and produce a world-class event,” Parmesh Shahani, head, Godrej India Culture Lab, said. At the end of the programme, fellows will organise an event at the lab.

He said these recruitment drives are generally limited to business school campuses. “However, there is a wealth of talent from the humanities that is often left to find its own way, stumbling into jobs they might not like as they search for the right career. The programme fills this gap and aims at shifting the needle on recruitment in the cultural industry,” he added.

The programme will also help create cultural leaders for the city and country. “We strongly believe that we are in the middle of a cultural renaissance – all over the country there are exciting new cultural interventions. We believe that the bright minds we train through this programme, will go ahead and join some of these cultural interventions or create new ones themselves,” Shahani said.

After the programme, students can apply for long-term roles in the Culture Lab. “We are also introducing the students to other group companies within Godrej and are excited about the possibilities that these might bring. At the Culture Lab, we are open to hiring from our Leadership Programme,” he added.