Lead Angels on Tuesday announced the inking of an MoU with the IIT-Delhi Alumni Association (IITDAA) in a bid to catalyse structured, early stage investing among the latter’s members.

Lead Angels was started by a team of three IIT-Bombay alumni to provide end-to-end financial services to start-ups. It invests in promising companies.

“Entrepreneurship is a powerful avenue and platform since these ventures transform and impact society in myriad ways. While many of our alumni are already engaged actively in the Indian start-up ecosystem, we believe the partnership will lead to more of them getting involved,” said Atul Bal, President, IIT-DAA.

After investment, Lead Angels assists these companies in fund-raising while Lead Advisory Management and Professional Services supports compliance and governance requirements.

“The MoU is a landmark for the Indian start-up ecosystem in that it brings a vast and powerful network of high quality, successful professionals into early stage investing. Would like to profusely thank the team at IIT-DAA for their foresight and conviction in going for the partnership, which is a win-win for all parties involved,” said Sushanto Mitra, Founder and CEO, Lead Angels.