Data analytics company MuSigma has launched muPathshala, a learning initiative to create the talent pool of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, artists, musicians and sportspeople.

According to a company statement, the 5-week programme includes classroom sessions coupled with workshops both at the Mu Sigma and Inventure Academy campuses. Students are grouped in teams, given a mentor from Mu Sigma to work with, and assigned real-world mini-projects with realistic data to work on. This, MuSigma will do through its centre with Inventure Academy's students.

"Through muPathshala, we want to inculcate the mindset of problem-solving at a very early stage and create talent that has the interdisciplinary skills the world needs," said Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder, CEO & Chairman of Mu Sigma.

The ecosystem includes research labs, a learning centre called Mu Sigma University and systems under the Art of Problem Solving. Through the muPathshala learning programme, Mu Sigma will open up its entire ecosystem to these high schoolers, company executives said.

Nooraine Fazal, Founding CEO & Managing Trustee, Inventure Academy, said, “As educators, we need to prepare our children more effectively for the future and in order to achieve this, we need to change both what and how we teach, learn, and move from teaching for a board exam, to teaching for life.’’