Sastra University has developed an ambient Air Purification System (APS) aimed at improving the air quality in polluting public hotspots using a filter-less sustainable technology, which can be deployed with minimum constraints and dependencies.

In a press release, Sastra University said, as of 2020, twenty-one of the world’s 30 cities with the worst levels of air pollution are in India, with six cities in the top 10. Air pollution is a giant and silent killer. Breathing polluted air increases the risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis.

The institution said the focus of the APS is to remove Particulate Matter (PM) from ambient air in an efficient manner to improve air quality & minimise exposure. 

Developed by the centre of excellence set up by ABCDE Innovation Centre at SASTRA Deemed University (SASTRA) & Umeandus Technologies India Private Ltd (UTIPL) at Thanjavur, the air purification system will automatically adapt to the ambient air quality variations without affecting efficiency and maintains steady performance with very low operating cost.  

Modularity and autonomy help APS to enable decentralised deployment, which is easier and faster to deploy compared to ground-based large structures which face challenges of availability of space, safety, security and aesthetics, Sastra University said.

“This could be a living standard upliftment, addressing particulate air pollution which is an environmental menace in various metros like Delhi. Two unique features of the APS are its no filter technology and real time pollution monitoring of public hotspots as a smart city initiative,” said S Vaidhyasubramaniam, Vice-Chancellor, SASTRA Deemed University. 

SASTRA and UTIPL are working to conduct large-scale trials at pollution hotspots, exposure reduction, etc. SASTRA said this technology is ready to be tested in static hotspots, the team is also developing mobile solutions to be placed in large public transportation services such as Delhi Metro, Chennai Metro and port terminals.

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