Hyderabad, March 9

Startup ecosystem player, T-Hub, and the MEE School (Media & Entertainment E-School) have announced a joint programme called Cinepreneur to offer courses in entrepreneurship and in skills required for the media and entertainment industry.

“The opportunities in the media and entertainment industry are proliferating like never before. The rapidly transforming industry needs skilling to keep pace. There is also a dire need to reskill the existing workforce,” said M Srinivas Rao, Chief Executive Officer of T-Hub.

“Only a new-age curriculum that embraces the evolution the industry is experiencing can equip students with the new skill sets,” he said.

‘Cinepreneur’ would impart skills that would help fill the void in the media and entertainment industry.

Cinepreneur would also offer programmes to skill and re-skill professionals from the industry.

“Three-month courses will be offered online. Industry experts and certified trainers from across the country would act as mentors,” Founder and Director of MEE School, Pratibha Pulijala, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The joint programme would offer courses in direction, script writing, cinematography, photography, acting, dancing, editing and production.