The formal process of convening the 17th Lok Sabha will start after the Election Commission presents the final list of winners to the President.

This will happen once the commission receives the list of winning candidates from the Returning Officers.

The Returning Officer issues a victory certificate to the winning candidate. After this, a notification is also sent to the EC headquarters, in which the details of the winning candidate are listed.

The notification to the EC headquarters comes with the signature of the Returning Officer. To be sure, the Commission also goes through the list, after which, it is compiled and sent to the President, a person closely associated with the election completion process told BusinessLine . The Returning Officer sends the letter to the EC headquarters as per the Representation of People’s Act guidelines on the Conduct of Elections Rules.

After the final list of elected members is prepared, a formal letter from the Commission, bearing the signatures of the three Commissioners, is sent to the President seeking time to present the list to him.

A tradition

Officials said it is “a tradition” that all three Commissioners present the final list to the President.

The President uses this list for consultations with the Parliament Secretariat to start the process of constituting the new Lok Sabha. When the notification for constitution of the new Lok Sabha is issued, EC’s job comes to an end.

Even as the process of receiving the final list of winners is going on, the Union Cabinet meets to recommend the resignation of the outgoing Cabinet. The Prime Minister takes this resolution to the President, who by tradition, asks the outgoing Prime Minister to continue in office till a new Cabinet is sworn in.

The term of the current Lok Sabha ends on June 3.