The final review of preparations for the demolition of Supertech's illegal twin towers was done on Thursday and they will be razed on schedule at 2.30 pm on August 28, Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said.          

The Noida police has banned the use of drones in city skies from August 26 till August 31 for security reasons in view of the demolition, according to an order.

The Noida Authority, which functions under the Uttar Pradesh government, will overseethe demolition of the nearly 100-metre-tall structures in Sector 93A of the city.

Maheshwari held a meeting with all stakeholders, including local residents' groups and other agencies concerned.

"The meeting was to get an overview of the preparations, technical aspects of the demolition and compliances left to be completed for the safe demolition of the towers," the senior IAS officer said.

Speaking to reporters outside the twin towers, Maheshwari said, "The twin towers would be demolished at 2.30 pm on August 28 in compliance with the order of the Supreme Court."

However, the final structural audit reports of Emerald Court and ATS Village societies by Supertech were expected later on Thursday evening, while the debris management plan was also to be finalised by Edifice, Maheshwari said.

"We have asked officials to ensure that all compliances by Supertech come in latest by Thursday evening, which will be reviewed again on Friday. If there are any pending compliances, officials are being appointed to take stock every week," she said.

Disposal of debris

"The land identified for dumping the construction and demolition waste before sending it to processing units for scientific disposal, is disputed. An alternative location is being identified," the officer said.

The Noida Authority CEO told reporters that the demolition is expected to leave behind approximately 35,000 cubic metres of rubble, which would translate to 80,000 tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste.

While most of it would be absorbed in the basement of the twin towers, the remaining would be sent to C&D waste processing units for scientific disposal and it would take up to three months for the process to complete.

"We have asked to use Noida's official C&D waste management unit in Sector 80 and also to get in touch with Delhi-based companies. The debris management plan will also be finalised in the next few days," she added.

Officials of the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), the Supreme Court-appointed technical expert, also attended the review meeting and said there will be no delay in the demolition.

"We wanted the residents to be satisfied with the preparations. They said they are non-technical people but are more than satisfied by the preparations," CBRI's scientist D P Kanungo said.

He said the CBRI is also satisfied with the planning and preparations done by demolition firm Edifice Engineering and its expert South African partner Jet Demolitions.

"There will be no delay and the demolition will take place at 2.30 pm on August 28," he added.

Supreme Court order

Apex and Ceyane towers, developed by builder Supertech in Noida, will be demolished in accordance with a Supreme Court order that found the structures built in the premises of Emerald Court society in violation of norms.

According to officials, both the towers have been loaded with over 3,700 kg of explosives that have been filled in more than 9,000 holes drilled in the columns and shears of the skeletal structures.

CBRI's Kanungo said 51 columns of the Aster 2 and Aster 3 towers of Emerald Court, which are closest to the twin towers were inspected and 16 of them were found to be weak.

"These 16 columns needed immediate repairs and strengthening. Work on 10 pillars was completed by August 22. For the other six pillars, there was not enough time to do concreting," he said.

"So we asked Supertech to inject grouting and then put a layer of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP). This work will also be completed by August 26. The leftover work, along other pillars outside the 50m critical zone, can be done later as well. As an additional precaution, we have also suggested propping near Aster 2 and 3, which Supertech is doing," Kanungo told presspersons. 


Over 5,000 residents living in Emerald Court and adjoining ATS Village society will be evacuated on August 28. They will vacate their premises by 7 am and allowed only after safety clearance post demolition by around 4 pm.

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