Noida-based IVS school of Design on Friday unveiled a plan for setting up of Centre for Design and Innovation (CDI).

First of its kind in India, the centre will aim to bring Indian design expertise, technology and industry requirements together to make products of the future.

The objective is to make India a hub for design in the South-Asian market.

“CDI will fill the missing gap between the industry and the academia.

This will cement India as the hub of design in the Asia-Pacific region”, said Tulika Puri Katyal, Founder, Centre for Design and Innovation.

We expect ideas around design to grow from D2B (design to business) and B2D (business to design) spaces, in order to meet new opportunities, she said.

The campus will be set up in Gurugram and will offer courses for freshers, mid-as well as senior-level professionals in design thinking, innovation, strategy and management.