Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has withdrawn his objectionable statement against allopathy and modern science after the Health Minister Harsh Vardhan rebuked him in a letter written to him.

Ramdev tweeted Sunday, tendering an apology for his statement and said he is putting an end to the whole controversy by withdrawing his statement. The statement comes after Vardhan asked him to withdraw his statement calling allopathy as ‘stupid science’.

“I am withdrawing my statement on allopathy and modern sciences and putting an end to this whole debate surrounding the field of medicines,” Ramdev tweeted Sunday.

In a letter addressed to Baba Ramdev, the Health Minister said his statements not only showed disrespect towards the frontline workers who were making undying efforts to fight the infections, he had also hurt the sentiments of the common masses.

“In your defence, you have only said that you are not against modern science and good doctors. I don’t think this clarification is enough. I hope you will sincerely give thought to this issue and retract your offensive and unfortunate sentence,” he said.

“Allopathy and the doctors attached to it have given new lives to crores of people. It’s very unfortunate for you to say that people died from consuming allopathic medicines. We should not forget that this battle can only be won through united efforts. In this war, our doctors, nurses and other health workers are risking their lives to save people's lives. Their dedication towards serving mankind in this crisis is unparalleled and exemplary,” Vardhan said while further adding, “you are fully aware that many doctors and health workers have lost their lives worldwide in the fight against Covid.”

“In these testing times, calling allopathy and modern medicines as stupid and bankrupt is highly inappropriate. Lakhs of people are recovering and returning to their homes. If the mortality rate is only 1.13 per cent and the recovery rate 88 per cent, then it's only because of the contribution of doctors and allopathy,” he further added.

“Baba Ramdev Ji, you are a public personality and taking into account this fact, each of your statements carries weight. I feel you should make any statement after keeping in mind the current situation and time. It is untoward to call allopathy stupid in these times. This also points fingers at the capability, knowledge and intention of our doctors, which is highly deplorable,” he said.

Vardhan further stated that allopathy has greatly contributed in defeating serious diseases like Polio, Ebola, Sars and Chicken Pox. Today, the vaccine is proving to be a great weapon in preventing coronavirus infection, this too is a gift of modern medicines.